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Leadership and Management

Leadership and management model

The leadership model is a management tool to serve Human Resources. It guides managers, recruiters and career managers in identifying the decisive soft skills to succeed in a position and achieve the expected results. It adapts to the values and culture of each organisation and to the goals and objectives of each management level, from the line manager to the senior executive.

Organised by fields of expertise and levels of responsibilities, it facilitates the translation of soft skills into tangible and unequivocal professional behaviours, thereby ensuring the mutual understanding of all those involved in a process: recruitment, promotion, annual assessment, development path and career development.

Identification and assessment of high potentials

In a world marked by major digital, ecological, social and societal transformations, in which occupations are being reinvented and created very rapidly, agile management of its talents constitutes a major strategic asset for every firm.

For haxio, a Talent is a subtle combination of acquired skills and potential, i.e. what could occur to enable the eventual further development of an employee’s performance. Detecting and measuring everyone’s potential represents the first stage in establishing a “Talents” policy.

The role of our team is to place your managers and executives in a situation to develop their individual and collective potential. We are supported by a proven methodology and reliable tools (assessment and development centres, 360° feedback digital platform, test library, etc.) to consolidate your managers’ leadership.

Recruitment of executives and managers

For the recruitment of your executives and managers, our recruitment and talent development firm haxio works with teams of consultants and research assistants having complementary functional and sector expertise and experience.

Because they represent you with candidates and the market, the haxio personnel comply with a very strict code of conduct. haxio combines in its recruitment processes the strength of an executive search firm with the assessment proposed by talent management consultants. A dual perspective to ensure your recruitments.

Transition management

Reseau 137, the transition management firm of Alixio Group, injects into your transformation projects the high-level strategic, management, relational and operational capabilities that you lack.

Our mission: find your manager in 48 hours and support you via three offers: transition management (full-time or shared-time), urgent recruitment (on a permanent contract), and resolution of relational problems.

Our community of available managers is a diversified mix of men and women, with at least 15 years’ experience in key functions of the firm in all sectors combined.

Our expert

Muriel Bolteau

Muriel Bolteau

Founder Manager Réseau 137
and Manager haxio talent

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