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Our solutions

from their conception, supported by management, until their implementation alongside the personnel

Restructuring and reorganisation


Restructuring, reorganisation and revitalisation

Designing and carrying out complex restructuring and reorganisation projects, from social strategy and engineering, conducting negotiations and securing procedures, up to employee mobility and the revitalisation of regions.

  • 5Definition of social strategy
  • 5Organisational and financial modelling of scenarios
  • 5Production of documentation
  • 5Assistance with negotiations
  • 5Social communication
  • 5Transition management
  • 5Support for employees in internal and external mobility
  • 5Outplacement of executives and managers
  • 5Securing administrative processes
  • 5"Loi Florange" and Revitalisation

Disposal and acquisition

Managing the social and HR aspect of mergers and acquisitions, disposals and spin-offs.
Managing the due diligence and data room phases, regulation of social dialogue, renegotiation of statutes.

  • 5HR data room
  • 5Cost study of key aspects
  • 5Social negotiation
  • 5Harmonisation and negotiation of statutes
  • 5Support for HR teams

HR performance and development


Social policy and HR

Supporting the design and operational roll-out of high-impact, innovative social and HR policies, while respecting the social responsibility and culture of our clients.

  • 5Adaptation and organisation of working time
  • 5Negotiation and harmonisation of social statutes
  • 5Social performance
  • 5Training and social dialogue
  • 5HR and management communications

Leadership and management

Recruiting, developing and supporting executives’ career path. Boosting the dynamic, the alignment and the production of the management teams. Supporting and training managers. Creating the appropriate leadership model for the specific nature of each firm.

  • 5Leadership and management model
  • 5Identification and assessment of high potentials
  • 5Recruitment of executives and managers
  • 5Transition management

Compensation, sharing of value added, employee share ownership

Working out and implementing customised compensation policies, to enable firms to attract and retain talents and innovate in terms of incentives and value sharing.

  • 5Pay and performance management
  • 5Internal equality and classification
  • 5Compensation for individual performance
  • 5Compensation for sales forces
  • 5Collective performance and employee savings scheme
  • 5Employee shareholders
  • 5Fringe benefits: health, personal protection, retirement

Talent management and job mobility

Designing and implementing recruitment, talent development and job mobility processes.

  • 5Individual and collective recruitment
  • 5Skills review and vocational guidance
  • 5Assessment and development centres
  • 5Support for internal mobilities
  • 5"GPEC" and "GEPP" strategic workforce planning, coordination of professional sectors, upskilling, reskilling, etc.
  • 5Management and securing of end-of-career schemes



Strategic Planning for tomorrow’s jobs and skills

Designing and implementing workforce planning schemes that enable firms to have personnel and competencies as appropriate for their present and future needs.

  • 5Training strategy and skills development
  • 5Digital learning
  • 5Outsourced vocational training management
  • 5Training purchasing group
  • 5Managers' communication techniques

Change management and organisation


Organisation and operating performance

Designing and implementing operating efficiency approaches through process optimisation, skills pooling and the adaptation of organisations notably related to digitalisation.

  • 5Organisation design
  • 5Supervision of transformation programmes
  • 5Process optimisation
  • 5Forward planning for changing jobs and businesses

Change management

Designing and supervising transformation architectures and trajectories. Supporting managers and employees in transformation of the firm and its market. Deploying schemes for collective assimilation and mobilisation.

  • 5Diagnosis, Change readiness
  • 5Change target and strategy
  • 5Establishing and supervising the transformation trajectory
  • 5Resistance and risk management, mobilisation and engagement schemes
  • 5Governance and project management
  • 5Convergence and preparation of managers
  • 5Deployment of assimilation and onboarding approaches
  • 5Mobilisation of managers, risk management and stakeholders

Occupational health and QWL


Health, safety and quality of working life

ACCA Professionnels supports firms, institutions, local authorities and public establishments in their plans for development of well-being at work and for PSR prevention, on both the primary, secondary and tertiary levels:

  • 5Organisation of surveys, PSR diagnosis, action plans, and Single Document updating
  • 5Training and awareness raising
  • 5Psychological support (24/24), post-traumatic-stress support and debriefing, management support, etc