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by your side to take on the human challenges of your transformation operations

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Our world is changing, and transformations come faster. They are of all kinds and radically shatter our everyday lives as well as entire sectors of activity. Tomorrow’s world is being built today.

In your organization’s lifetime, in support of your team, you are facing all these challenges. You must cope with them by making your workforce and environment accept them, meanwhile taking all internal and external constraints into account.

Alixio Group has been investing for the past 10 years to deliver its expertise and digital tools to support you in each step of your journey.

We commit ourselves to make sure you will succeed in your transformation challenges to give you a head start in tomorrow’s world.

Raymond Soubie

Chairman of Alixio Group

Our world is changing, and transformations are taking place faster and faster. They are of all kinds and are radically changing the everyday life of everyone and of whole sectors of activity. The world of tomorrow is being built today.

In the life of your organisations, in supporting your personnel, you have to cope with all these transformations. You must succeed with them by having them accepted by your workforce, by your environment taking into account all internal and external constraints.

Alixio Group has been investing for the past 10 years now to provide you with its expertise and its digital tools and to assist you in all your plans.

We are committed by your side to help you make your transformations a success which will give you a head start in the world of tomorrow.

Raymond Soubie
Chairman of Alixio Group

An HR ecosystem

Strategic consulting and HR operational services to succeed with your transformations having significant human implications

hr ecosystem Alixio

A network of integrated companies with complementary expertise

Innovative concepts to support our clients and their employees

In addition to our 90 regional offices, we make innovative spaces available to the employees that we support in their job mobility.

Incubators have been created in recent years in Paris and in each large city, so that future business creators may “Be bold, Create and achieve Self-fulfilment”, being guided in each key stage of their projects by our experts in new business formation.

Our Lab, for its part, proposes customised itineraries and schemes, built by experts based on the specific personal needs of each employee supported.

Our promise:
rallying all our expertise to guarantee yourself sustainable solutions


Our first task is to understand you, to grasp the essence of your firm. We act with respect for your culture, your values and your personnel.


Your environment is changing. We help you decipher these changes and anticipate their impacts on your activity and all the stakeholders. In supporting your transformations, our ambition is to give you the head start that will make you successful in the future.


We have developed long-term planning and robust analysis grids. Our theoretical references and our methodologies are there to serve your reality, not the opposite. We are pragmatic in our action.


There is no predetermined answer to social, management and organisational questions. The pertinence of our work with you depends on the quality of our attentiveness and the precision of our analyses.


They are at the heart of our people. It is a landmark for our interactions with clients and their environment: intuitu personae, qualitative, enriching. Our encounters often become relations of mutual loyalty.

Our engagement for gender equality

Because job equality is a question of social justice but also of collective performance, Alixio Group devotes itself every day to gender equality.

Our gender equality index as at 1 March 2022, of 76 to 93 depending on the entities, reflects our engagement for equality in compensation, pay rises and promotions, and we are really keen to achieve further progress in this area.